Somfy return process.

Project Description

Inzicht en overzicht proces

Somfy uses a returns management software solution of 12Return which is linked to the Baan Somfy backend through middleware ofQuadroVision B.V.


The cahllenge is to Link both an Internet application and a Baan implementation (that has no internet connectivity).


The links between the two applications are different:

  • The connection with the 12Return application is through internet links that are implemented on both sides. This makes real-time communication possible.
  • The link to the Baan backend is through FTP, since it was not easily possible to do this via the internet.

Both links are implemented on a server that is hosted by QuadroVision.

Applied solutions

Project Details

  • Date 15/01/2020
  • Tags Custom Software Solution @en, Hosted Solutions @en, System Interfacing Solutions @en
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