Push- and tugboat sector.

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Insight and overview process

QuadroVision B.V. has developed an application supporting administrative processes in the push- and tugboat branch. The application is especially tailored to small and medium size businesses.


In the push- and tugboat business capturing all the necessary information is difficult and time consuming because of the amount and diversity of data. However all of this data is needed for accurate and correct billing. The challenge is to provide all of this information in a clear and simple format which can easily be incorporated into the financial administration.


With our software all of the basic information such as push/tugboats, objects, locations, tariffs, gasoline surcharges etc. can be easily entered, stored and adapted. With a separate module client information can be stored. From the basic information it is simple to collect all data necessary to record a trip/job and create an invoice.
Essential for correct billing and registration is the presence of correct rules of calculation, taking into account all factors mentioned above.
Within the application it is possible to capture multiple tariffs and prices with the help of:

    • lists of tariffs (e.g. number of tugs/pushes);
    • tariffs (e.g. per hour or per distance);
    • surcharges (e.g. for fuel);
    • tariffs per customer.,

If an assignment has been executed a list of activities is entered into the system which will then process all the given information. Invoices are automatically generated taking into account all of the fixed and variable data. For instance fixed price agreements per customer, variable fuel surcharges or a special price for any specific job. Of course all certifications and registration numbers such as Europe-number, PDV-number, FD-number, Siby and insurance are also taken into account. A simple authorization model provides the possibility to assign permissions for every available function and piece of information in the system.


Working more efficiently saves time and money. Time is saved because the whole administrative process is automated. Money is saved because boats can be deployed more efficiently. Because the billing process is flawless more time can be spent on core business. A permanent overview of and insight in all proceedings and processes within your company.

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  • Date 08/04/2015
  • Tags Business Configuration Dashboard (BCD) @en, Custom Software Solution @en, Hosted Solutions @en, System Interfacing Solutions @en
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