We provide a large diversity of custom made software for internet and integration software which simply does not exist or cannot (yet) be provided by standard products.

This is how we developed one of the first worldwide internet payment systems, a multi web shop environment and white labeled digital photo albums.

We are driven in our profession and help you find the right solutions for your business, looking at your challenge from every angle. For example, the perspective of your company goals, business processes, end users or technical environment.

We achieve our solutions by deploying multidisciplinary teams. We provide software solutions, consultancy, application hosting and management.

1. Software Solutions

“Custom made where standard does not provide the best solution.”

QuadroVision helps making the right decision in developing software seamlessly fitting your needs.
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QuadroVision provides you with modules or custom made ICT products to interconnect your systems, your customers, and suppliers systems allowing your organisation to even better respond to their customers desires.
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Integrating your online payment possibilities in your services. Connecting you to your payment provider to an entire custom made solution.
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Very often standard web shop solutions do not offer branche specific functionality. QuadroVision has a large arsenal of web commerce components to provide quick and adequate solutions.
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Beside web shops for specific branches we also provide a flexible platform with which we can provide producers, suppliers, wholesale organisations and their retailers with optimised buying, selling, and marketing functionalities. This offers all parties a win-win situation and new possibilities.
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2. Consultancy

“We build bridges between your business and your ICT.”

In an early stage, QuadroVision’s consultants can help you translate new business challenges into new concept and into new working solutions.
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Your market or business wishes are translated into an architectural design and you are advised how these wishes can be translated into IT requirements.
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3. Hosting & Services

“Faster time-to-market via secure hosting”

Hosted Solutions is the superset of descriptions and actions necessary to manage the whole lifecycle of an application without you having to look after it.
The objective is that it is not the technology itself that adds value to your business operations, but how it is used to meet your customer’s demands.
Our service management aims for continuity, efficiency, and alignment with the demands of you and your business.
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Manage the quality of your ICT support effectively and efficiently. It is the total of Service Support and Service Delivery. The main objective is that ICT support is not a cost but adds value to your company: the delivery of services to (internal) employees and/or to your customers. This is characterised by activities that require a lot of networking and collaboration.
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Our ISO Management Platform can be hosted to shorten your time-to-market. The platform offers a solution for implementing ISO certification quickly and with high quality, for making risk assessments and organizing time-consuming activities for maintaining the ISO management system. We offer this platform to organisations with ISO certification experts and to interested companies with their own specific challenges with regards to certifications and quality control.
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