12Return Connectivity.

Project Description

Return products revisited

12Return is a company that automates the reverse supply chain of web shops.
12Return takes over a substantial part of the administrative actions for returning packages bought in web shops. The benefits to the web shop are:

  • Cost reduction
  • Improved customer experience


To service customers it is necessary to connect to the ordering systems of a web shop. This requires customized software as every web shop may have a different method of communicating.


The connection to the customers’ ordering systems has been standardized and automated. This can be achieved by configuring the database eliminating the need for customized software.


It is easier to connect a customer, which allows for more customers to be serviced.


“QuadroVision immediately got aligned and helped, in a short amount of time, with a solution to quickly connect customers to our system. This enabled us to extend our customer base very much.”
Stef de Bont, 12Return

Applied solutions

Project Details

  • Date 24/09/2013
  • Tags Architecture, Custom Software Solution @en, Hosted Solutions @en
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