TNT Purchase Shops.

Project Description

Sure we can!

TNT’s internal order processes were very cumbersome; support by web shops to order goods internally was desired.


TNT was looking for a platform on which they could set up multiple Web stores, which required little effort and little specific Web technology knowledge, for several product categories or themes within a category that allowed for easy product maintenance, customer maintenance and price maintenance. In other words, extensive content- and data management functions. It was also necessary to support multiple languages and offer possibilities to configure integration with an ERP package.

TNT additionally required the web shop platform should be usable when the fulfillment of an order was not performed by any specific department. Therefore, it had to be possible to link the web shop to multiple logistic functions. TNT also expected to extend their services in the future with more marketing campaigns, such as sending sales promo’s and newsletters.


The combination of standard software, customized connection software, and hosting by QuadroVision was THE solution for TNT.
QuadroVision’s knowledge on web shops and logistics, combined with knowledge of connectivity played an important role to match technical possibilities with the requirements of TNT.


By keeping everything in one hand TNT has the advantage of a good solution with carefree maintenance. It is more or less a form of cloud offering.


Sometimes it is important to act quickly, even though heavy demands are set for the solution. QuadroVision did exactly what she promised and their solution is very satisfactory, and we do not have to look after it.
Monique van der Klei, TNT

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  • Client TNT
  • Date 24/09/2013
  • Tags Custom Software Solution @en, Hosted Solutions @en, Web Commerce Software @en
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