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Worldwide payments via the internet

Payment via the Internet was still in its infancy when GlobalCollect started operations. Payments were mainly performed batches. This of course was not fast enough for web shops.
QuadroVision designed and built an online payment system for GlobalCollect. This is currently the fastest and most comprehensive payment system in the world for online payment services.
The development continues and due to an extensive collaboration the payment system is still expanding.


GlobalCollect lives and breathes international financial transactions. These transactions are coming from all over the world and in many different formats. From payments by credit card, debit card, deposits up to allowing payments in installments.
The online payment system is the heart of this company. The new system had to be able to handle many transactions at the same time, while communicating with web shops and parties who facilitate these payments all over the world.


The selection of a partner to develop this system was not taken overnight. QuadroVision was selected after a competition in which reliability, quality and price were deciding factors.
QuadroVision used its available knowledge of e-commerce and internet to develop and build a system according to the demands of GlobalCollect:
• This platform has an exceptionally high performance and flexibility. After years of service there is no doubt about the reliability of the system,
• Connecting customers and providers is a simple procedure,
• The platform is kept up to date so it will continually meet all requirements,
• The architecture is multi-tier, multi-language, multi-currency, and is as platform independent as possible. The basic language of the platform is Java.


This platform gave Global the opportunity to extend their customer-base to worldwide.
The platform has an excellent performance and high reliability.
Furthermore, it is extended with new providers and functionalities on a daily basis. It currently supports:
• More than 150 providers
• More than 400 payment methods
• More than 1,000,000 transactions each day


“Most employees were already active for some years in the field of online payment services. In other words, we were already in possession of scarce and good knowledge and experience. The partnership with QuadroVision has led to a huge success.”
Jan Manten, GlobalCollect

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  • Client Global Collect
  • Date 23/09/2013
  • Tags Custom Software Solution @en, System Interfacing Solutions @en, Web Payment Solutions @en
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