Lease Administration System.

Project Description

Insight and overview process

A mobile operator holds contractual agreements with landlords, suppliers and advisors related to circa numerous locations across multiple countries. This Lease Administration System will for these countries

  • Store all properties, lease agreements and register all freehold locations;
  • Contain the budgets, forecasted budgets and actual costs for all types of Real Estate related types of costs (Real Estate Costs, Facility Management Costs, Utility Costs, etc.).

Furthermore all countries will report to main office from the system and the central operated Lease Administration System will report over all the information of all the countries.


The challenge is three fold:

  • Import the historical data from CSV files;
  • Store all the data of all the properties in the system;
  • Combine this with the financial information including budgets and forecasts
  • Share only the allowed (mostly consolidated) data will with the Global Office, especially Landlord and Tenant (address) data will generally not be shared.

Only the allowed (mostly consolidated) data will be shared with the Global Office, especially Landlord and Tenant (address) data will generally not be shared.


The LAS system was designed and build using BCD to store all data in the database:

  • Every country has its own implementation of the LAS. Every country can adjust the system to their own needs. However the common data and rules, which are necessary for consistent global reporting are shared and updated from the global office to the local offices;
  • The local offices can report their information but must remain within legal boundaries of their country. Therefore not all information can be shared and also no direct communication is allowed. Thus the communication is done through CSV files that can be imported by the Global office;
  • As an extra wish, the system can give alerts when for instance the lease period of a property is about to expire;
  • To facilitate the information needs of the operator (both locally and global), extensive reporting facilities were implemented.
  • Applied solutions

Project Details

  • Date 15/01/2020
  • Tags Business Configuration Dashboard (BCD) @en, Custom Software Solution @en
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