Secure Chat.

Project Description

Communicate effectively with modern tools

The board of a large multination wanted to communicate interactively and efficiently with the top 150 managers globally. Public chat solutions where not secure enough.


The solution would not be used often (only once a week tops), but would be very heavily used on a regular base. Downtime in this period was not acceptable, while it should have to be possible to add new functionalities.


By deploying a customised chat application in two datacentres, we also kept the last used version online next to the newest version, we good guarantee a 99.999% uptime during these chat sessions.
The application was optimized to realize an acceptable network performance worldwide. Special arrangements were made with the data centres.


EEfficient and secure solution, many times cheaper than “physical” conferences.
99.999% uptime

Applied solutions

Project Details

  • Date 24/09/2013
  • Tags Hosted Solutions @en
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