THT Head Office Service Management.

Project Description

In-house Outsourcing



We are responsible for the entire workplace of the employees. More than 700 employees at 3 locations. 2 x Hoofddorp, 1 x Duiven. We staff the entire service desk. This is first point of contact for all calls. We are also responsible your system management. We do not manage the LAN/WAN, which is done by TNT datacentre in Atherstone. With the exception of the telephone exchange we do everything else. The former provider did not deliver as desired and kept its distance. ICS Management was not enabled to manage quickly and effectively. QuadroVision was choosen as a partner, from a pitch of 6 parties, to help TNT.


First of all, we put the customer first. This means that we listen. After we had a clear picture of the real needs of TNT. As Service Provider we met these in good cooperation.


Customization with constant use of professional knowledge, but with flexibility and a good cooperation.


“Because TNT responds quickly and qualitatively to developments, QuadroVision is the right partner because they work quickly and pleasantly”.
Andy Wollrabe, TNT

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Project Details

  • Client TNT
  • Date 24/09/2013
  • Tags Service Management @en
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