Project Description

The first photo albums online

Creatively dealing with digital images. Photo’s can capture special, beautiful and touching moments. As early as the beginning of this millennium Colorwonder came up with the idea of creating a digital photo album and offer photo print service over the Internet. The idea was born, now they needed a solid reliable partner to translate this idea into realistic plans, designs and actual implementation.


It is important that not everybody has access to your photos. Therefore outstanding security measures needed to be implemented to make sure that uploaded photo’s could not be viewed by anyone but yourself or your invitees. Privacy needed to be guaranteed.

To enjoy digital photos over the Internet, Colorwonders site offers several options.
Photos can be uploaded and viewed in your personal album from anywhere and at any time.
You can order photo prints, printed in high quality and delivered to any address you provide (at home or at work).
Send your friends an e-card with a nice photo from your holiday address for example. Or invite them to have a look in your personal album. They can give provide comments in the guestbook.

Colorwonder communities contain photos with the same subject, for instance a country or an animal. This way people with the same interest can share photos of this subject. Again you can order photos or add your comments in the guestbook. If you want to surprise someone who is interested in the same subject send them am e-card with a photo.

During Colorwonder events, like De Nijmeegse Vierdaagse or a concert, photographers will be taking pictures on site. Visitors get a flyer/card indicating photos can be ordered via the Colorwonder website.
It is also possible to send an e-card or to comment via the guestbook.

All ordered photos are printed in photo quality and delivered at home or any other destination specified. Payments are performed via the Internet, a link has been created with Global Collects payment service through a direct interface.
Functionalities realized by QuadroVision for use in the back-office are content management, customer service, financial management (the entire handling of payments) and management of the photo-printer software.

Partner model
Beside providing photo fun via Colorwonder there is also the possibility for partners to take over part(s) of the functionality. On your own website you can offer a personal album or a Colorwonder community. The communities of the partner (e.g. FemaleOnline) can address their own target audience.
You can adapt the functionalities offered by Colorwonder to fit your own website. It is possible to create your own structure to a community, to configure the language and color, to resize photos and set your own prices.


All modules are built on a multi-tier, multi-language, and multi-currency architecture. The applications are web server-, database- and platform independent.
The application server was designed by QuadroVision using Java. The user interfaces have been realized using JSP (Java Server Pages).


Support throughout the entire process; from the first moment, QuadroVision has been involved in the development of the idea. We took care of the architecture, design, implementation and maintenance. A completely integrated solution; QuadroVision has built the functionalities for both the Internet site and the back-office.
Colorwonder and its partners (e.g. De Telegraaf, Coca Cola en VrouwOnline) are virtually running within the same platform.

Applied Solutions

Project Details

  • Client Colorwonder
  • Date 24/09/2013
  • Tags Custom Software Solution @en, New Concepts @en, Web Payment Solutions @en
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