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QuadroVision B.V. has developed a system containing a WorkTracker app and web application supporting administrative processes in the agriculture branch. The application is especially tailored to small and medium size businesses.


Within contract work you have the people at the office who plan the work and the people in the field who have to do the work and report the work done. This makes recording all necessary information difficult and time-consuming due to the multitude and variety of data and the transferring of the information. However, this data is necessary for correct invoicing. The challenge is to organize this well and easy to streamline and link the information with the financial administration.


WerkTrekker is a web-based application aimed at the daily support of the contracting company and provided with a special app for employees. Everything is fully integrated and linked with accounting. This makes planning, executing, monitoring, invoicing and management of the data simple.
Creating a schedule is simple: record incoming orders in work orders and link them to employees and machines with a graphical planning board.
Employees can see in the WerkTrekker app what, where and with what the work must be done and report on it, such as status, the number of hectares, resources used and extra work.
At the office, the progress can be followed directly via a direct feedback from the WerkTrekker app. Work can be redistributed or, if there is time left, new work orders can be assigned.
After completing a work order, it can be checked if necessary and invoiced directly or through a link with your external accounting program.
In WerkTrekker you easily manage the data related to work, prices, customers, employees, plots, resources and machines. This makes the correct information fast, with good quality and everywhere fully available.
Insight into business processes and resources is vital. This requires good data. WerkTrekker increases the reliability, detail and availability of this data and discloses it via handy reports, including certification, (VKL, GMP, etc.).


Working more efficiently, this saves time and money. Time because the process is automated. Money because people and machines can be deployed more efficiently, invoicing runs smoothly and more time can be spent on core business.
The benefits at a glance:

  • Planning is quick and easy;
  • Immediate progress via WerkTrekker app;
  • Better control through location tracking;
  • Invoicing faster and more consistently;
  • Insight into returns and availability.

WerkTrekker website

WerkTrekker has an own website

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  • Date 14/01/2020
  • Tags Business Configuration Dashboard (BCD) @en, Custom Software Solution @en, Hosted Solutions @en, IOS/Android app @en
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