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Multi level marketing works!

PF Concept is a party which sells its products through approximately ten thousand resellers. By delivering a comprehensive web shop solution to these re-sellers PF Concept was able to bind them and generate more sales, got a better understanding of the end-customer and was able to better present its 50,000+ products.


In the industry of promotional items good web shops are a rarity, the multitude of items provide a big problem displaying all of the content.
Resellers using multiple wholesalers know and supply the end-customers. Value=added services like logo printing, engraving, etc. are very important in the market of promotional items. However in standard e-commerce solutions providing this type of service is not supported at all.


Together with PF Concept, QuadroVision devised a concept of a multilevel marketing platform to change this situation. This is a fully automated internet distribution channel that provides a solution for:

  • Web shops with content management functionalities for resellers;
  • Access to the PF Concepts distribution channel;
  • Options for web content management, order handling and pricing;
  • Support of value-added services (logo printing, etc).

Together with PF Concept QuadroVision designed a platform/service to support PF Concepts distribution channel in an integrated and professional manner.
This full service platform is a centralized web platform/service that allows resellers – themselves or as a service by PF Concept/QuadroVision – to easily implement a web shop with their own look & feel, their own layout and their own catalogue and prices. Of course it also supports multiple languages.

The full service platform offers the following options:

  • Defining the web shop (by reseller or by PF Concept); This is a complete web shop with a freely definable look & feel, languages, layout, catalogue and prices;
  • A content management system;
  • Immediate order processing in an integrated order management system (that is fully linked to PF Concept’s ERP system);
  • Automatic updating of catalogues and (recommended) retail prices;
  • Configuring multiple web shops by a retailer, brand driven or theme- or event driven;
  • Setting up a web shop by retailer for one customer specifically, using the customers branding, catalogue and specific prices; this allows the customer to only see their own products with their own logo and it can only be accessed by customer authorized people.


The full service system automates PF Concept’s internet distribution channel completely. This allows PF Concept to attract resellers and to increase market penetration.

QuadroVision has also invested in this solution and is therefore very committed to the result. Return of investment is achieved through a licensing structure.


“The combination of a wonderful product and the joint venture with QuadroVision in this project, made this a super deal. QuadroVision really is a company that thinks along with you.”.
Schelto van Heemstra, PF Concept International

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  • Client Promovement
  • Date 24/09/2013
  • Tags Hosted Solutions @en, New Concepts @en, Web Commerce Software @en
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